Dry Land Biosphere Products


Choose from one of our four different Biosphere models.


Every Atlantis Under Water IslandTM Includes:
    Polycarbonate Transparent Top, Biosphere Base, In-Line Valve and Tee, 4 Feet of Air Tubing, Decorative Plant and Rainbow Rocks.




Underwater Cove

The smallest of the underwater habitats, and just a little bit smaller than the Lagoon, with entry in one of the corners. Feeder tube works with this model as well. For use with any size tank.

Dimensions: 4 inches by 6 inches
Weight: 2  lbs.
Price: $ 24.99

Underwater Island

The Underwater Island is the biggest of them all with a river running through the middle of the habitat. Ideal for tanks 10 gallons and bigger.

Dimensions: 12 inches by 10 inches
Weight: 3  lbs.
Price: $ 34.99
Product is currently out of stock

Underwater Lagoon

One size up from the Cove, The Underwater Lagoon has a pool in the middle where the crabs and other critters can climb up to get to the dry land.

Dimensions: 6 inches by 8 inches
Weight: 2  lbs.
Price: $ 29.99

Underwater Oasis

Great for small fish tanks with one or two small crabs. Use with the optional feeder tube to put food directly on dry land.

Dimensions: 4 inches by 5 inches
Weight: 2  lbs.
Price: $ 29.99
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