About Us

Atlantis Under Water IslandsTM is committed, through research and development, to provide dry land habitats in full aquariums for amphibians such as crabs, newts, frogs, and turtles. Because providing dry land is necessary for your amphibians survival, we hope you will take the opportunity to look at our different models, and choose the under water biosphere that best suits your animals needs.

See the Under Water Island in Action!

How long we’ve been in business:

We’ve been in business since 1999.


Company mission statement:

We seek to educate people everywhere about caring for amphibians properly. We want to provide unique, safe habitats for crabs, newts and other amphibians.Our under water biospheres will create a new dimension to any aquarium, where all can enjoy them as if they were in their natural environment.



Adding new dimensions to aquariums



Atlantis Under Water Islands, Inc. started with the Under Water Oasis model in 1998. After selling 10,000 in the first year, we created a bigger model that became available in 2000 – the Under Water Island model. Since then we have developed two other exciting models: the Under Water Lagoon and the Under Water Cove. We are currently working on some exciting new features and accessories for these units.


Why we like providing services:

We take pleasure in helping families enjoy their crabs and other amphibians in a way that until now, has never been possible. We are proud to offer products that help pet owners and animals come together as one. Atlantis Under Water IslandsTM will continue to find a better way to meet the needs of pets and pet owners alike.


Why consumers should use our company for its products and services:

We own and maintain a number of patents for all our products. We have been awarded the “Best Pet Invention of the Year” by INPEX - the largest invention trade show company in the world.

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