Why don’t the biospheres float?
The gravel from your aquarium holds the unit down. Make sure you use plenty.
Are the Under Water Islands hard to clean?
No, in fact cleaning is easy. Just take the top off and wash it with warm water and a soft cloth. The bottom will flood out as the top is removed. It is not necessary to remove the bottom from the aquarium; however, it is good to rearrange the plants, rocks, and gravel.
Is set up very hard?
No, you just place the base, with the air line attached to it, flat on the bottom of the aquarium or gravel filter, so it is level. Cover with gravel, keeping the passageways clear. Place the clear top on and adjust the air flow with the included valve.
Do I need to buy any thing else to make the biosphere work?
Typically, no. If you don’t have an air pump to aerate the water, you will need to get one for the Under Water Island. You may need extra gravel if you have only a small amount of it in your aquarium.
How do I keep it from floating?
Add more gravel. If you have the Oasis model, be sure to use the base extensions.
What do you do if the clear top fogs up?
First, make sure that the air supply line is above the gravel. It should be at least 1” up inside the unit. Second, you may need to increase the air supply by opening the valve (included).
What if air is coming out from under the clear top?
First, make sure the air release holes aren’t plugged. Second, be sure the unit base is sitting level For the Under Water Island model, you may have to rotate the end of the elbow up slightly.
What if the water level in my Under Water Island model is too high?
Rotate the elbow down until the desired water level is reached.
Do amphibians find the biosphere on their own?
Yes, crabs and small turtles will find it the fastest. Newts take a little longer and may have to be encouraged for the first time. Frogs and fire belly newts don’t use it as well.
Why do Bettas (Siamese fighting fish) like the biospheres?
Bettas love these units. The bettas breathe dry air and love shallow water. Bettas will swim through and play in the shallow water provided by the Under Water biospheres.
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