Atlantis Under Water IslandsTM -The Most Unique Addition to Your Aquarium

Our Under Water Biosphere provides a dry land habitat which allows amphibians to dry out, and breathe air at the bottom of any full aquarium! If you want to have a crab in an aquarium, you must provide dry land in order for it to survive. With an Atlantis Underwater IslandTM you can have dry land, and a full tank of water for your other aquatic pets! The Atlantis Under Water IslandsTM will add a whole new dimension to any aquarium!



Simply connect the airline to the Biosphere, watch the water get pushed out, and create a dry environment with a water access to the rest of the aquarium.


We also have our patented Atlantis Feeder TubeTM which allows you to place shrimp pellets, crickets, and other foods into the Biosphere.


We own and maintain a number of patents for all our products and have been awarded Best Pet Invention of the year by INPEX, the world's largest invention trade show!


How Do The Underwater Crab Habitats Work? 

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